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Why Mentorship Matters in Africa

General Electric is big on mentorship. The digital industrial company has even won numerous awards for its efforts to provide learning and development to its employees. Based on the belief that people are the most powerful catalyst for growth and innovation, GE invests more than $1 billion annually in employee development. Much of this [...]

Mentor vs. Champion

We have all heard about the importance of a mentor to help advance one’s career.  Some organisations even have formal mentoring programs where senior managers are required, as part of their job responsibilities, to mentor junior staff.   While having a mentor is a valuable relationship as one [...]

Changing Lives: 3D Printer Makes New Leg for Young Girl

Meet Rosaline Cheptoo Cheptoo is Ugandan, and has a congenital abnormality – she was born without most of her right leg. This beautiful little girl was an outcast among her family and her community, as they believed that her condition was the result of a spell cast upon her.  A combination of the limitations that [...]

Five Things Africans Need to Know about 3D Printing

It is revolutionizing manufacturing   In the past, manufacturing was the purview of large, well-capitalised companies who could afford the investment in expensive machinery.  The world was divided between the efficiency and low cost associated with “manufacturing” and the small-scale world of handcrafted items. 3D printing is not really printing, per se, but the manufacturing [...]

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