He Dreamt of Making Cheap Telescopes – 3D Printers Made it Come True


Ibitolu Henry has a fascination with space, and a commitment to share his knowledge and expertise with children. His dream has been to create telescopes at a reasonable price that he could use to teach school children about astronomy.

The General Electric (GE) Lagos Garage gave him this opportunity through its instruction in 3D printing technology. Using this technology, Henry, a graduate of The Federal University of Technology in Akure with a degree in meteorology, made plastic telescopes using a 3D printer.

The course at the Lagos Garage not only taught him about the technology, but quite importantly, the course also provided valuable instruction in business planning and sales principles.

A social entrepreneur, Henry encourages the Nigerian government to expand its current educational curriculum to include courses like those he took at the GE Lagos Garage. He sees how his learning from GE allows him to inspire young children to pursue studies in astronomy and meteorology. “I imagine a world where every child, regardless of his or her background or socio-economic situation, has access to learning tools like telescopes,” said Henry.

His own learning experience was a major life event. “I was able to  design, print and refine my model using the 3D printers and that was very exciting,” he said at the completion of the Lagos Garage programme.

For more information about the GE Lagos Garage, please contact the Associate  Programme Manager, Demilade Adesiyan at demilade @ neubridges.com.