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Why Every Company Should Offer Digital Skills Training

BY: Roti Balogun: Region Learning Leader, GE Africa Digital disruption is challenging the way we live, the way we work, the way we learn, all over the world and particularly in Africa. By 2050 the world top countries with the youngest working population will be on the continent. Rethinking education in Africa is therefore paramount in developing the next generation [...]

Digital Literacy Quiz

Do you know your cookies from your caches?   Test your digital literacy skills to find out whether you're an online whizz, an occasional web crawler, or lost on these digital streets.

Free Digital Skills Training Platforms to Help Build Your Career

The importance of having digital skills in today’s constantly evolving digital world can’t be overstated. New technology brings new ways of working and entirely new jobs that didn’t exist a few years ago. In Africa, where 500 million people are expected to be online by 2020, according to Google, fresh opportunities abound and the need for people with digital [...]

Students Shine At ‘Light Up Africa’ Hackathon

Two teams were made up of students from two of Ghana’s top universities - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Ashesi University College - participated in the inaugural Intelligent Campus Challenge. CLICK THROUGH SLIDESHOW CLICK THROUGH SLIDESHOW

Closing the Gender Digital Divide in Africa

Basic ICT skills and digital entrepreneurship training is changing lives in western Kenya. Particularly the lives of women, like Mary Namukholi, a farmer who sells bananas and nut, and who supplements her income by offering tech services from typing to printing out documents for people in her community. Namukholi is over 60-years old, and has only ever had three [...]

Digital Training Key to Staying at Forefront of Industrial Innovation

Staying ahead of your competition in today’s fast-paced, globally innovative workspace has never been more challenging. Businesses that want to stay ahead of their rivals do so by driving creativity and innovation through cutting edge technology that’s revolutionized the competitive workspace globally. General Electric (GE) Africa has made technology and innovation the cornerstone of its success by balancing its [...]

How She Built a Successful Career in STEM

Leticia Oppong, Field Service and Technical Advising Specialist, GE Africa: I read a book about a blackout that inspired me to go into STEM. It was a story book, the kind with pictures in them, and there was a blackout in the town and the electric company sent a team to work on the issue. So [...]

Top NGOs Focusing on STEM Skills Development in Africa

Science is all around us. It plays a major role in the growth and stability of the world’s economies, making it a priority for each country to develop and nurture young talent in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) fields. As the need for critical thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors rises, Africa is making notable strides to breed talented [...]

Robots are Giving Nigerian Children a Head-Start on STEM

Nigerian robotics entrepreneur, Christian Chime, has been making a name for himself using robotics to teach school children about basic scientific concepts and get them excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The systems engineer is the founder of Surrogate Robotics Nigeria, a company that uses basic tools like Lego blocks to engage the children in problem [...]

Training the Elderly to Fill Mental Health Worker Gap

On a quiet wooden bench on the grounds of a small local clinic on the edge of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, a young woman sits down with an Ambuya Utano, a lay health worker often referred to as ‘grandmother,’ who uses talk therapy to help her work through her severe depression and anxiety. It’s a lifeline the woman would have [...]

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GE at Work in 8 African Countries

ge at work in africa
GE has been operating in Angola since 1967. Today, GE employs more than 500 people in businesses spanning across key sectors including oil and gas, power and water, rail transportation, energy connections and Healthcare.

GE has been collaborating with the Angolan government and other players in the private sector to help the country achieve its Vision 2025 goals. This collaboration has helped Angola explore a variety of opportunities, from new ways to generate power to modernizing the transportation sector. [Read More]

Since 1945, GE has been building, moving, curing and powering Ethiopia. Key businesses in the country include aviation, power distribution, healthcare, and financial services. In January 2014, GE and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development signed a multi-sector MOU to jointly develop projects in the aviation, healthcare, power and transportation sectors of Ethiopia.   [Read More]
GE works in Ghana to support economic growth through infrastructure development especially in the power, healthcare and transport sectors. GE is working with Ghana’s leaders on plans to develop the critical infrastructure needed for continued energy management in the country. [Read More]
Since 2011, GE Africa’s Sub-Saharan Headquarters has been located in Nairobi. The headquarters is now home to over 140 employees. GE is committed to supporting Kenya in realizing its Vision 2030 goals. In 2012, GE signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding agreement with the government to develop projects in key sectors, including power and healthcare. [Read More]
GE is focused on business development and building Mozambique’s future through key investments in a wide variety of industries including; Oil & Gas, Transportation and Energy Management. Committed to growing in Mozambique, GE has continued to make significant investments in the country’s Human capital. [Read More]
GE has been operating in Nigeria for over 40 years, with businesses spanning a number of key sectors including aviation, power generation, oil and gas, healthcare, and transportation. In the past three years, there has been a renewed focus on the country with an eye on new service facilities and employment of more local talent to expand the company’s capabilities.  [Read More]
GE’s first overseas office outside of the USA was opened in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1898. In support of sanctions imposed against the apartheid system of governance, the company disinvested in South Africa in the late 1970s. GE re-invested in South Africa in the 1990s in support of rebuilding a new democratic South Africa. [Read More]
GE has been operating in Tanzania since 2013 and is currently working to supply Tanzania Railways with 58 locomotives to further develop oil and gas and mining operations. GE has been a key player In Tanzania’s power sector working together with the Tanzania Electricity Power company (TANESCO) and a number of power producers to boost electricity generation in the country. [Read More]
ge at work in africa

GE first started operating in Sub-Saharan Africa over 100 years ago. However in 2011, we decided to renew our focus to meet Africa’s current and future needs. Our footprint in sub-Saharan Africa now consists of over 2600 employees, revenues of about $3.3 billion dollars (2015) and operations in 33 countries. GE’s main operations in SSA are in Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya where its SSA Headquarters is located.

A key partner in supporting SSA’s socio-economic growth, GE operates in the Oil & gas, power, transportation, healthcare, renewables, energy connections and aviation sectors.

Partnership with Governments and local companies form a very important part of GE’s growth in SSA. We have signed MOUs with the Governments of several countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Angola and Ghana to develop infrastructure projects, including sustainable energy solutions, providing efficient and reliable transportation as well as improving access to quality healthcare. These MOUs involve significant investments in creating jobs and human capital development.

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